How to Make a Tutu?

We often get asked how to make a tutu using a crochet headband and tulle. While we sell tutus already made, we understand that some people may want different colors, more fluff, or the ability to customize it another way. Since we  carry tulle, we felt that it was time for us to offer this simple tutorial!

This tutorial is for the most basic tutu. It's a solid colored tutu with two layers of tulle. It measures 11" long and about 10-11" across the waistband.

diy no-sew tutu

For this craft you'll need scissors, a big book, a 1.5" crochet headband, and two spools of tulle.

Wrap your headband around a book, it'll be much easier to work with when it is stretched out. Cut strips of tulle in 22" lengths. I cut about 10 strips, attached them, then cut more. It seemed to be most manageable that way.

Fold a piece of tulle in half and stick the fold through a square hole in the second bottom row of the headband. Look at the top left image for clarity. If you choose an empty hole on the bottom layer, you'll be attaching the tulle to the elastic and it won't be very strong. Open the loop of your tulle and pull the ends up and through, pulling down when you tighten it to be sure it lays flat.

diy tutu

Continue with each hole along the second row. When you complete that row, you'll have a tutu. We chose to do a second layer so it would have a bit more fluff though!

For the second layer, you'll need to grab a pen to help guide you. It's easy to lose track of which hole is next, so moving a pen each time is very helpful. Just go up one row (it will be the third row but it's hard to see that) and string your strands of tulle through just like you did before. Remember to pull the tulle down as you tighten each strand so that it lays nicely.

diy tutu

Done! And just like that, you are the coolest mama on the block! You can make your daughter a tutu in her favorite colors or to match her big brother's little league team. Show off your creations by submitting photos for our monthly photo contest.

- Tulle

- 1.5" Crochet Headband

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