How to Make a Spring Wreath

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Wreaths aren't just for Christmas anymore, friends. Seasonal wreaths are all over DIY blogs, Pinterest, and your over-acheiving neighbor's door. Since Spring is rapidly approaching, it's a great time to create a beautiful Spring wreath.

I created two simple wreaths that are equally vibrant and festive.

diy wreath

I really like the simplicity of this one. I just purchased a simple foam wreath from my local craft store, wrapped it with 7/8" ribbon, and hot glued 4 crochet flowers in coordinating colors.

Our ribbon is sold in 5 yard spools for $1.79. I wrapped the entire spool of Light Orchid around the tubing and decided to do an accent section of Green Apple instead of finishing the wreath in the same color. I think it's fun!

I decided to use the crochet flowers because I love their soft colors and elegance. At the last minute, I decided to add a single Petite Clippe at the top for a nice pop of pink and a little added cuteness.

1 - Foam wreath from your craft store - approximately $3
2 - 7/8" ribbon - $1.79/each
4 - Crochet Flowers - $0.49/each
1 - Petite Clippe Hair Bow - $0.99

Total: About $8.00!!

I couldn't stop there though. I needed to make one that was bigger, brighter, and with LOTS more flowers!

diy wreath

Isn't it great? This time I chose a bigger foam wreath so it could hold more flowers, yet still have some empty areas for the pretty ribbon to show through. I selected a variety of flowers and arranged them on my wrapped wreath until I was happy with their placement. I considered not putting a ribbon at the top to use as a hanger, but since I had a scrap of 3/8" Baby Maize, I went ahead and attached it.

Since this foam was both bigger and thicker, it took two full spools of 7/8" ribbon and still left about an inch unwrapped. I just covered that spot with flowers!

1 - Foam wreath from your craft store - approximately $3
2 - 7/8" ribbon - $1.79/each
Flowers (top left, moving on down):
White Organza, Feather, and Glitter Flower ($1.30),
Pink Lace & Sequin Lily ($1.49),
Lavender Rhinestone Centered Camellia ($1.35),
Orange Petite Tropical Rose ($0.75),
Lime Petti Flower ($1.00),
Yellow Sequin Centered Flower ($1.75),
Light Pink Organza, Feather, and Glitter Flower ($1.30),
Orange Tie Dyed Gerbera Daisy ($1.00),
White Petite Tea Rose ($1.00),
Hot Pink Rhinestone Centered Camellia ($1.35),
Turquoise Petite Tropical Flower ($0.75),
Apricot Mohair Crochet Flower ($1.00),
Lavender Vintage Blossom Flower Clip ($1.00)

Total: About $20.00!!

Want one??? Leave a comment on this post to be entered! Contest will close on Monday and we'll randomly draw two winners to be the proud new owners of our Spring Wreaths!

One entry per person please! Feel free to tell your friends. 

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