How to Make a Canister Bow Holder

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You're going to need something to keep that collection of baby hair bows under control! 

At least once a week, someone asks us if we ever plan on selling bow holders. We understand that you get annoyed when you have all of your bows thrown in a drawer, that's just no way to live! Plus bows are so cute, you need to have them on display! Since we are the source of all the bow clutter, I feel that it is our duty to provide you with a variety of bow and clip storage solutions.

The first storage idea is probably one of the easiest ones out there! We're going to call it the Canister Bow Holder, for lack of creativity! I used an old oatmeal canister, though you could you a coffee can or anything similar. (Just be sure there are no sharp edges!!)

First, grab your canister and some fun paper. I used wrapping paper since I happened to have this cute solid lime paper on hand. You can use scrapbook paper if you want, there are tons of cheap options out there!

diy bow holder

Gather some coordinating ribbon. Since we recently aquired a company called House of Ribbon, I had a ton of options at my disposal. But I honestly believe you could use scraps, a variety of our solid grosgrain ribbon (linked below), or something from the $1 bin at your local craft store. The flowers and bows are what is going to make this canister adorable.

Wrap your canister in paper. Don't worry about the seam, you can cover that with a piece of ribbon.

Line the wrapped canister with a few pieces of ribbon, adding a dab of glue at the top and bottom to hold it in place. I didn't worry too much about how the top looked since I planned to wrap a ribbon around it, and I tucked the bottom under the canister so that edge was hidden. I also decided to wrap one piece of ribbon around the middle of the canister since I thought it might help hold down the vertical ribbons... plus I thought it was cute! This is what I came up with.

diy bow holderdiy bow holdera colorful bucket on a wood floor

That took me about 15 minutes. Not bad, huh? I also cut a circle out of scrapbook paper and stuck it under the lid to make it even cuter. You could cut a little slit in the lid and slide a flower clip in to make an interchangeable topper instead!

So now what? Well you can fill the insides with hair ties, bobby pins, or a brush. Wrap headbands around the body of the canister and clip bows and flowers on the ribbins. Voila!

a group of colorful flowers alt="diy bow holder" a cup with colorful flowers

Put a couple on there, or cover it completely. The more the better, in our opinion!

This project was super easy and only took about 20 minutes to make. If this isn't really your style, no worries. We will have more bow storage ideas in the future!

Solid Grosgrain Ribbon 

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