How to Make a Bat Costume

diy bat costume

We have a series of DIY costumes that even the least crafty moms (ehem... me) can handle!

First up, a darn cute bat!


Lime green and black tutu dress

Lime green and black legwarmers

Bat wand set

Black fairy wings

Black felt


A glue gun and glue sticks

All you really need to do is make your bat wings. Get your pair of black fairy wings, scissors, glue, and some black felt.

Remove the black felt from the fairy wings. Be careful not to tear the nylon on the top half of the wings. The bottom portion won't be used, so it doesn't really matter if you tear it or not. If you happen to tear the top, put clear nail polish or some glue on the nylon to prevent it from running.


You'll want to turn the wings so they are facing outward. You may need to trim more felt from the wings, or detach them completely. You will end up covering the joint with new black felt, so your goal is really to just get the wings to lay flat.


This is what happened when we turned the wings. The felt from the back curled around the wings.

Once you get them in place, you'll need to reattach the straps. Do this by adding a new square of felt to the back of the joint and hot gluing it.

diy bat costume

Now it's time to shape the wings. Feel free to do your own thing and shape them however you think a bat wing should look! Keep in mind that you can't make the bends too deep or the nylon won't reshape around the wire.

diy bat costume

diy bat costume

That's it! Now just put it all together.

diy bat costume

-Tutu dress


-Bat wand and headband


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