How to Keep Your Daughter's Hair Out of Her Face

If your daughter's hair is always in her face but she won't sit still long enough to let you do a braid or twist, this is the tutorial for you! One minute and one clip, she'll look adorable. After you've done it a couple times, you'll be able to master this style in a matter of seconds.

Stylist Tip: Keep a couple flowers or bows in your purse and car at all times. This is an easy hair style that looks great, can be done without a brush, and turns a disaster (like forgetting picture day) into a stress free event.

Brush her hair using detangling spray and a hair brush until smooth and tangle free. You can skip this step if your kiddo is on the run, but it'll always look better with tangle free hair!

Part her hair an inch from the middle of the hairline so that you have more hair on one side of theh head than the other. You can part it on the left side or side, just do whichever works best with her natural parts.

After parting, create a second part on the other side of her head. The heair between the two parts will be the hair you clip back.

simple hair tutorial

Pull that hair to the side. Twist the hair once or twice, this will give it a better hold.

simple hair tutorial

Slide the bow of flower clip into her hair.

Stylist Tip: For a tighter grip or to hold fine hair, insert a Gripzie onto the clip. These help keep the clip in place and prevent sliding.

simple hair tutorial

This looks great with our Original Grosgrain Hair Bow or any of our small flowers, though anything with an alligator clip would work perfectly. Below is a list of clips we recommend for this look. Keep a couple handy to help with hair emergencies!

simple hair tutorial


Original Grosgrain Hair Bow

Little Animal Print Flower Clips

Oversized Double Layer Hand Crochet Flower Clip

Petite Tropical Flower Clippie

Petite Rose and Zebra Clippie

Tulle Cheetah Flower Clip

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