Hey Mom, Savor the Outtakes!

photo shoot outtakes

We get it, getting photos made of your children is a lot of pressure. You have twenty million things running through your head... and almost none of them are in your control!

I need the perfect outfit. Something that brings out her eyes, but doesn't steal the spotlight.

What if my child get a cut or black eye? No park visits this week!

A good night's sleep the night before is a must. Nightmares? No no. Go back to sleep. Sleep. SLEEP AND BE HAPPY!

Weather. Oh, please be on our side!
Even if you make it to the shoot with a happy child and perfect weather, things may not stay that way. She may get shy, he may be crabby. They may only smile once and wind up with snot on their face at that exact moment. Let me offer this bit if wisdom to you, mom.

That's life.

And you know what? That's your child.

So what if he won't take a serious photo? He's not a serious child. Let the photographer capture that goofy boy! She doesn't want to listen, she only wants to wander and pick weeds? I see nothing wrong with that. 

You see, these outtakes that we fear, are actually beautiful images of our child's character. Okay so maybe you don't want a photo of your daughter picking her nose above your mantle, but I bet when she is grown and off at college, you'll stare at that photo and laugh at what a silly child she was.

At your next photoshoot, just relax. Let your child shine and see what the photographer can catch. You may be pleasantly surprised at the results.

We want to share some of our outtakes with you. These photos won't end up on our website, but I can assure you that the moms of each of these models will smile when they see these pics.

behind the scenes

behind the scenes

behind the scene

behind the scenes

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