Halloween Tulle Crafts

We love tulle crafts around here! Tulle is a relatively inexpensive fabric to work with (only $2.69 for a 25 yard roll of 6 inch tulle) and it comes in a bagillion colors. I try to make it work with every costume, tablescape, and party theme that I come up with.

diy halloween crafts

Tulle is especially great for Halloween decor because it has a mossy, webby, creepy look to it. In the photo above, you can see that I used tulle three ways.

Last year we spray painted a grapevine wreath white and used it in our Christmas decor. Since I love a good bargain and affordable crafts, I decided to use it again.. and again... and again. I took about a roll and a half of black tulle and haphazardly wrapped it around the wreath. It's messy and wonderful looking!

I also made a strand of tulle tassles. These are so easy, y'all! I swear I'll post a tutorial one day but I really shouldn't need to. I just took three strands of orange tulle (about 18" long) and folded them in half. I tied them onto a long strand of black tulle, using black tulle. I repeated that about 6 or 7 times until it looked like a festive strand of tassels. You can see these in our Tutu Party also. Mix and match any variety of colors to match a party you're planning.

The third tulle craft in that picture above is a strand of tulle lights. We made these last year too. Here are our Christmas tulle lights. These get pinned ALL THE TIME. And they should... they are beautiful and simple and make a huge statement when they are on your mantle.I thought a black strand would be awesome for Halloween. (And stay tuned... they'll make another appearance later this year!)

Christmas lights are $4.99 at my local Hobby Lobby. And if that wasn't cheap enough, all Christmas items are an additional 40% off. (You better believe I bought two extra strands for future crafts!) I have never filled up an entire strand of lights. If I'm going to be honest with you, this craft takes a long time. I work on it at night in front of the television when my kids go to bed. I used two rolls of spool, strips cut about 5.5" long (I used a wipes lid to measure), and it covered about seven feet of lights. That took about 4 hours or so.

diy halloween crafts

It's time consuming, yes. But they are gorgeous in person. It's totally worth it!

Choose your colors. Our first set was made with light pink tulle- one roll of regular tulle and one roll of shimmer. I used black regular tulle and black shimmer tulle on this strand. You can mix colors, mix types, or stick with two of the same.

Pick something about 5-6" across. Again, I use the lid from a wipes box because I have a million of them. You can use a piece of cardboard, a book, whatever. Wrap the tulle around it over and over and over. Don't wrap the entire spool because it'll be too hard to cut. Cut the edge of the tulle and keep it folded. Then cut the other fold. You'll have a nice pile of cut tulle. One piece at a time, tie the tulle around the lights. Stop whenever you feel like it!

We keep our light pink strand in the lobby of our office. It gets turned on every morning when we get to the office, and turned off every night. A couple lights are starting to get a little temperamental, but it's lasted us almost an entire year of continual use! (And I may not be the expert on the topic, I don't think it's a fire hazard. Obviously don't leave them on when you aren't home. But a year of using them shows us that they are pretty darn safe!)

Good luck, have fun!

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