Glitter Elastic Hair Ties

Contest is now closed. Congrats to Melissa R.

This post is more for the mamas out there... though I'm sure many of you have fashion forward daughters who care about the look of their pony tail holder!

Cloth elastic hair ties are the way to go. We have heard about how you make them yourselves using our solid and chevron print satin elastic headbands. We did that too and we LOVE them. (We love them so much that we are going to start selling them that way shortly. Shortly... as in a few days!) But check this out, y'all!

alt="glitter hair ties" alt="glitter hair ties"

Glitter elastic hair ties! Aren't they gorgeous? What a fun way to take your ponytail from lazy mom all the way to look at my gorgeous style. That's what I'm hoping people will see when I wear them... every day.

These hair ties actually come a bit large. The idea is that when you get it, you can size it to your own wrist and adjust the knot so it is comfortable for you. And the absolute best part about these hair ties is that they don't ruin your style. They do the opposite!

alt="glitter hair ties" alt="glitter hair ties"

Like 'em? Love 'em? Want to win 'em? YEAH YOU DO!

Leave a comment if you'd like to win one of each of these glitter elastic hair ties. For a second entry, pin one of these images and then come back and leave a comment telling us you pinned it. You can pin either image... though I'm partial to the second one since it shows how pretty they look when styled.

We will pick a winner next Thursday!

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