Girly Homemade Pumpkin Costume

Pumpkins are the perfect Halloween costume. They are cute, photograph well, and when you slap a smile on it, it becomes a friendly Jack-O-Lantern!

This costume is not just cute, it's fluffy and girly!

diy halloween costume

See all the fluff? She'll love it!

We may have made our jack-o-lantern face a tad too big, but you can trim yours down a bit if you'd like. We have included a link to a template below.

Supplies Needed:
Green tulle
Lime 1.5" crochet headband
Orange 8" headband
Orange tutu
Orange lace trim leggings
Black felt
Fabric or hot glue

This is made just like the candy corn costume we posted on Tuesday.

Cut 6" strips of green tulle and tie them around the 8" headband. We find it works best when you loop them through the second role of holes, and tie two strips per hole. This will give you a good amount of fluff! (You could also use a solid orange tutu dress if you'd like!)

Take a few of those strips of tulle and tie them around your headband. No need to loop them through any holes, just tie them around the headband and fluff the tulle.

Using the template below or your own design, cut out your felt pieces. You're going to carefully glue these to the 8" headband. This works best if you put your headband on a piece of cardboard or something else to stretch it out. (Use a cereal box, a pillow, etc.)

Pretty simple, huh?

-1.5" crochet headband
-8" crochet headband

-Lace trim leggings

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