Funky Zig Zag Pigtails Tutorial

It's time to take those pigtails to the next level. Add a little spunk, a little pizazz. This tutorial is for fun, funky zig zag pigtails! Your daughter is going to love them!

easy girls' hair styles

Using the pointy end of a comb, part her hair making a V shape, starting slightly from the left.

simple girls' hair styles

Continue to make V shapes all the way to the bottom of the hairline, be sure to make each V the same approximate size. Keep the hair separated by brushing it to opposite sides of the neck.

girls' hair style

Tie the right side in a temporary ponytail so it stays parted on the correct side. Take the hair on the left side and brush it upwards, making a high ponytail on the left side of her head. Using a brush, smooth out the ponytail and secure it with an elastic.

Stylist Tip: Make the pigtail line up with the back of her ear, high on her head. This will ensure that you will have two even pigtails.

girls' hair style

simple pigtails

Remove the temporary ponytail on the right side and brush it out. Repeat the previous step to secure her hair into a high ponytail with an elastic.

Attach the flower clip slightly in front on the pigtails. Step back and admire this fun style!

easy pigtails

Try it out and share your pictures! This is a great look for summer and will be perfect for back-to-school pictures!

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