Front French Braid Tutorial

This is probably my favorite style. There is something about braids that make little girls feel like princesses, right? And when you make it a French braid, her eyes light up!

French braids aren't the easiest way to style hair, but with a little practice, you'll be a pro!

Part hair about an inch from the middle on the hair so that you have more hair on one side of her head than the other.

On the side with more hair, part a 2 inch subsection from the top part all the way down to her ear.


Take the top half inch section of that bit of hair from the part to begin the braid. Still with me? Now divide that section into three parts.

Create fists with hair in each hand.

Stylist Tip: Make sure your pinkies are touching her head. By keeping your hands close to her head, you're sure to get a tight braid.

front french braid

front french braid

Drop the middle piece of hair and bring it toward the front side. Grab a small section of loose hair to draw into the braid with the piece of dropped hair.

front french braid

Pick up that hair with the hand closest to the forehead. You should have three pieces in your hands again.

Now drop the current middle piece again, this time toward the back of the head and grab a small section of loose hair to draw in with the dropped piece. Pick up the hair using the fist toward the back of the head.

Repeat those steps until your braid reaches the top of the ear.

front french braid

One you reach the top of the ear, continue with a normal braid for an inch or two, then band it. This will help keep the braid tight without creating tight pulls in the braid that will yank her scalp.

Place a clip through the braid slightly above the rubber band and grab loose hair from the back of the head to secure it.

front french braid

Start practicing, mama! You'll love having this skill in your back pocket and so will your daughter. We recommend some of our smaller flowers for this look, though anything with an alligator clip attached will work.

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