From Gorgeous to Glamorous

Our lace petti dresses have quickly become a new popular product. Honestly, we aren't surprised. The dress is absolutely gorgeous and it is only $15.

lace petti dress

In a lovely turn of events, we have been hearing feedback from customers that they are using these sweet dresses in weddings as flower girl dresses. Umm, brilliant! A normal flower girl dress costs at least 4 times that amount!

We decided to try our hand at making a petti dress even prettier. Without making the dress look cheap, you can add some crafting flowers to make it custom and coordinate with your wedding colors.

diy lace dress embellishment

1. Gather your supplies. You'll need a dress, the flowers you're going to use, scissors, and either hot glue or fabric glue.

2. Arrange your flowers on the dress until you are satisfied with their placement.

lace dress

3. If you're using any flower clips (like this Vintage Blossom Flower Clip), remove the clip.

4. & 5. I wanted to add a bit of extra bling to the dress, so I cut off the center portion of the flower and attached a decorative rhinestone to the center.

lace dress

6. Trim the tulle edges off your shabby flowers.

7. Cut the headband off of the Vintage Tulle Headband.

8. Cut the satin bow off of the dress. This is optional, but we thought it looked better without the bow.

Glue all of the flowers on to the dress. Then step back and let your jaw drop because, goodness, that is a glamorous dress!!

lace petti dress


- Lace Petti Dress

- Crafting flowers

- Large Shabby Flower

- Pettite Shabby Flower

- Vintage Tulle Headband

- Vintage Blossom Flower Clip

- Decorative Rhinestone Flower Center

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