Floral Headpiece

You guys, fabulous tutorial here today!! Lindsay from Petunia Bee Photography is a customer of ours and she has created these gorgeous floral headpieces. This step by step tutorial is so fantastic!

Hi all, Lindsay here! I created a headpiece for my daughter and The Hair Bow Company asked me to do a tutorial for the blog to show everyone how simple it is.

diy floral headpiece

You can do any variety of colors. Make them for any season, any occasion, or any age. How beautiful would this be for a flower girl?

Just follow these simple steps.

diy floral headpiece

Gather your supplies. You'll need a lace headband, crafting flowers, embellishments, tulle, scissors, an iron, and a hot glue gun.

Cut a strip of tulle about a yard long. Fold it back and forth the way you would while making a fan.

Add heat to create strong pleats in the tulle.

Pinch one end of the tulle while using your other hand to separate and fan our the opposite end.

Carefully hot glue the pinched end in place. Tip: Add effect by trimming the tulle to frame your subject's face.

Hot glue the pinched end onto the base of the headband and then glue a flower on top to cover the edges.

Continue adding flowers. Embellish!

It really is that easy! Have fun with it and create different color schemes. Your daughter will love it!

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