Fantastic Fox Tutu Dress Tutorial


We couldn't be happier to welcome back Nicole Weldon from The Local Hummingbird for this Fantastic Fox Tutu Dress tutorial! We would also like to thank Shawna Pearce Photography for the amazing model photo. (This is the third dress in a series that Nicole has created and Shawna has photographed for us, make sure to check out the Flower Girl and Peacock Tutu Dress DIY's) Foxes are some of our favorite animals around here, so we thought this dress would be just perfect! In the past we have made our own tulle fox tail for a simple fox costume (find the fox tail DIY here) but Nicole took the fox look to whole new level with a whole tutu dress. It's simply fantastic! 

All supplies are from The Hair Bow Company and all crafting expertise is courtesy of The Local Hummingbird. 


Chocolate lined 8" crochet tutu top


Shrimp tulle

Ivory tulle

Chocolate tulle

Additional items:

Orange Fox Hair Clips

Brown Fox Socks

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Start by cutting your tulle strips. You will need strips in the following lengths:  

Tulle strips for the skirt: 31"

1 Tulle strip for the Tail "Bone:" 60"

Tulle strips for the Tail bush: 15"

Sash: 3 yards per strip (3 strips total)

1. First line tulle towards table with seam (back) facing crafter.

2. Begin to brick weave the 31" strips into desired pattern. Complete 4 rows for fullness.


3. Tail time! Grab your 60" strip and fold in half. Weave into the back (in seam) right onto the fourth layer. Then center it so that each side is 30" and tie a knot at the very end.

4. Get your pile of 15" bush strip and begin to tie onto the tail bone and push to the top. The closer and more you add the thicker and fluffier the tail will be! I personally left a small gap and added a second knot close to the bottom knot. This was for a pinky to fit and the tail could be picked up and twirled with.


5. Now add the sash (like previous creations)

6. Add your foxy clip to dazzle it up! I placed one in her hair and on hip. Don't forget your Fox Socks and she'll be set!! 

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All supplies are available here at The Hair Bow Company

Fox Hair Clips are available here at The Hair Bow Company.

Fox Socks are available here at The Hair Bow Company.


Crafting by The Local Hummingbird

Model Photography by Shawna Pearce Photography

All crafting process photos by The Local Hummingbird

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