Fabulous Mardi Gras Headband!

diy mardi gras

Grab your feathers, beads, and tutus. It is Mardi Gras season! If you are attending one of the family parades, your munchin will need to be dressed in her best Mardi Gras attire. We have several options on our Mardi Gras page, but we are super excited about this headband we crafted.

All of the supplies can be purchased for $6.83, but this headband looks like something you would purchase at a boutique for 4 times that! All you need is the Mardi Gras nagorie feather pad, a decorative rhinestone center, and an individual satin elastic headband. (The links to each of these items is at the end of the post.) You'll also need a glue gun or some fabric glue.

diy mardi gras

This headband took about a minute to make and it is absolutely gorgeous! If you don't live in one of the Gulf states and have no desire for a Mardi Gras headband, you can follow these steps to create a headband of your color choice. When you pair this style headband with one of our lace petti rompers, it creates a beautiful vintage look, perfect for photos!


Mardi Gras Nagorie Feather Pad

Nagorie Feather Pad-

Decorative Rhinestone Flower Center

Individual Satin Elastic Headband

Entire Mardi Gras Collection

Congrats to Heidi, winner of the Valentine's Day Romper giveaway!

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