Embellishing a Cranial Helmet

diy cranial helmet embellishment

Set the scene...

You just had a baby girl and everything is perfect. Her nursery is lovely, her closet is bursting with adorable outfits, and her hair bow holder is completely full of headbands and bows just begging to be worn.

Then you find out your daughter needs a cranial helmet. Well okay then. What about all the bows??

Our customer, Larissa, was recently presented with this dilemma. It's so much fun to put flowers and bows on your little sweetie and she was bummed when she no longer had the chance to do that.

A few months ago we showed you how one of our customers fashioned our legwarmers into PICC line covers. We were thrilled to know that our products could be useful to her like that. In the same way, we were thrilled to hear from Larissa and help her create a way to still use those bows and flowers.

(Thanks to Photography by Kari for the image!)

You can still use all of those flowers and bows you have, even if they have an alligator clip on them. If you're starting from scratch, get some crafting flowers too.

Easiest tutorial ever.

diy cranial helmet embellishment

Larissa didn't use regular velcro, instead she found low profile velcro. This kind is less scratchy and won't randomly attach to things if she tosses a bow in the diaper bag. It's sold by the yard at your local hardware store.

What if you want big sister to wear some of the flowers too? Well check out that picture above. See how she has also put velcro on an alligator clip? Just attach a flower to the clip and big sis can wear it like normal.

If your bow already has an alligator clip attached (our hairbows are sold that way), then put a small strip of velcro on the alligator clip and it can still be used both ways.

Adorable? I think so!

diy cranial helmet embellishment

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