Easy DIY Troll Hair Easter Basket

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Thank you to our photographer Allie, of AvaK Photography, for giving us the details on her Troll Easter Basket DIY! 

I am admittedly one of those hopeless "Pinterest Fail" kind of moms. I try so hard, but my creations never turn out how the photos look on the websites. I challenged myself this year to make my little "Ava Poppy" her very own Trolls inspired Easter Basket. I saw photo after photo of them across my timeline, and wanted to at least say I tried! 

It was so easy the "Hot Mess Household" could do it, so I know you can too! With just a few dollars and 10 minutes, we made it happen! I had the help of my 5 year old and her Gigi. This is all we did!

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1 Dollar Store Easter Basket

3 Crafting Flowers

Scrap blue ribbon for hair tie (get ribbon here at The Hair Bow Company)

1 roll THBC Tulle (get tulle here at The Hair Bow Company)


  1. Measure your tulle out to determine how tall you would like your tulle troll hair to be.
  2. Cut cardboard to the size of the length of your troll's hair height.
  3. Wrap your tulle around your cardboard. I used an entire roll of THBC Tulle. Cut one end of tulle straight across the top.
  4. Tie each string of tulle around the top of handle. I double tied. (You can knot it like I did, or loop it like when you make a tutu, your choice!)
  5. Once all tulle is tied on handle, gather the tulle up where you would like to start her hair tie. I secured it using just a rubber hair tie.
  6. Trim the top of Poppy's hair to ensure there are no stray's. And clean up any loose ties at the basket loops.
  7. I tied a small blue piece of ribbon and dotted it with super glue to cover the hair band.
  8. Add blue flowers or your choice of embellishments. (You can make it your own!)
  10. Happy Hunting!!!

Tulle and Ribbon for this project are available at The Hair Bow Company.

You can find tulle here.

You can find ribbon here.

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