Easy DIY Princess Leia Inspired Double Buns

Easy Princess Leia Hair Bun DIY for girls

Thank you to our photographer Allie, of AvaK Photography, for giving us the details on styling these Princess Leia buns! 

Let's face it. There are two types of people in this world. Those who are not Star Wars Fans, and those who are hard core Star Wars Fans. Even if you are not an expert on the iconic classic, we

can all appreciate the hairstyles that Carrie Fisher brought us with her performance as "Leia". As I mentioned in my last blog (DIY Troll Tutut Easter Basket), I am not a crafty girl. I am the one who tries to make things special for their child, but fail miserably at trying to recreate what looked so easy to accomplish. I think my fellow Pinterest fail moms can truly appreciate how simple, cute, and fun this is to do!

Items Needed

- Pair of socks (or bun holder. I chose to use the free to me pair of socks for this)

- Clear elastic hair ties

- Bobby pins

- Hairspray

- The Force (to be with you)

1. Part your hair down the middle and create two ponytails. Try to pull them way up near your hairline, about an inch above each ear.

2. Secure both pony tails with your clear elastics

3. cut the toes off of your socks (it makes you feel like such a rebel like Leia)

4. Using one of the socks, roll the sock up into a donut shape. Loop one pony tail inside the donut hole.

5.Roll your hair around the sock as you roll the entire bun down toward your head. Do not worry about loose hairs, you can tuck them in and/or spray at the end.

6.Repeat. Step 4-5 with other side

7. Secure bobby pins through each bun to secure the bun to the sides of your hair.

And just like that, you are transported to a galaxy far far away!

May The Force Be With you!! Please share and tag your photos!

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Easy Princess Leia Hair Bun DIY for girls

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