Easy Bumblebee and Ladybug Costumes

No tutorial. No crafting. Just two cute costumes!

I'm not a huge fan of mass produced costumes. You know, the kind that come in clear packages and are marked "one size fits all." They are stiff, scratchy, and cheap. I prefer homemade costumes. I can remember being a dalmatian when I was little. My mom put my sister and me in white sweatpants and sweatshirts that she had sponge painted. It was adorable.

But things are different now. The "do it yourself" game is much harder these days. Pinterest shows us incredible tutorials that take days to craft.. and they don't really even save us money!

So where is the happy medium? Sure, we love a good tutu dress tutorial. But if you want something easier without skimping on the cute, here you go!

diy bee costume

Shop our Halloween section for rompers, tutus, legwarmers, and wings to complete this outfit. She'll be comfortable, adorable, and she can even wear it to her school dress up party! Not a fan of the bumblebee? Check out the ladybug.

diy ladybug costume

These costumes could not be easier! Here are the links to create your own costume.

-Bumblebee Petti Romper
-Bumblebee Legwarmers
-Bumblebee Tutu (select Black/Yellow)
-Bumblebee Bow
-Ladybug Petti Romper
-Ladybug Legwamers
-Ladybug Tutu (select Red with Black Dots)
-Ladybug Bow

-Bumblebee and Ladybug Wings

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