DIY Vintage Feather Pad Headband

I know we promised to bring you hairstyling tutorials for your little girl each Tuesday this summer. We aren't flaking out on that commitment! But would you mind terribly if we swapped it around this week? It's just that we have this fantastic how-to for our new Nagori Feather Pads and we'd like to give you these instructions today since we've just listed this item. We promise we'll bring you a brand new hair tutorial on Thursday!

Much like the Satin Poppy Flowers and Tulle Headbands, we only have a small amount of these to test them out. We don't anticipate them lasting long at all, so grab yours before they are gone!

diy headband

The feather pads are sold individually, so we have come up with several looks to insipre your DIY vintage headband.

To create the design on the photo above, you'll need to gather these supplies. Black antique rose, decorative rhinestone center, nagorie feather pad, and a satin headband. (The links to each of the products are at the end of this post.) You'll also need a glue gun or some craft glue; we prefer a glue gun.

diy headband

Glue the headband to the back of the feather pad. Glue it along the entire felt pad so that the feathers curve along with the headband. Be generous with the glue, you don't want it to fall off!

We put the seam of the headband along the back of the pad, though you may want to put the seam on the other side so it doesn't imprint the child's head.

diy headband

Take the flower of your choice and remove the center. If there is a clip attached to your flower, you'll want to remove that also.

diy headband

diy headband

Glue your decorative center to the middle of the flower. Our decorative rhinestone centers do not have a flat back. This worked well for us because we were able to fit it into the hole left in our flower after removing the centers. If your flower does not have a hole, you can snip the back of the rhinestone with some wire cutters, or just be sure to glue it really well.

diy headband

Now just attach the completed flower to the feather pad.

diy headband

In an effort to give you some inspiration, we played around a bit and designed a few more headbands! Have fun and create some of your own styles, we'd love to see them!

diy headband

diy headband

diy headband

Black Feather with Black Flower

Black Nagorie Nagorie Feather Pad

Black Toddler/Adult Satin Headband

Black Antique Rose Decorative Rhinestone Flower Center (D)

Chocolate & Pink Feather with Ivory Flower

Chocolate/Pink Nagorie Feather Pad

Ivory Toddler/AdultSatin Headband

Ivory Rhinestone Centered Camellia

Black/White Feather witih Hot Pink Flower

Black/White Nagorie Feather Pad

Shocking Pink Toddler/Adult Satin Headband

Hot Pink Hand Singed Flower

Decorative Rhinestone Flower Center (E)

Black Feather with Silver Flower

Black Nagorie Feather Pad

Light Gray Toddler/Adult Satin Headband

Silver Hand Singed Flower

Decorative Rhinestone Flower Center (D)

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