DIY Tulle Puff Headband & Tulle Knot Headband

We love a good tulle puff around here, and baby headbands are THE cutest! I use them all the time for backdrops, party decor, or holiday decorating. So you cannot be shocked that I felt the urge to create a tulle puff headband to match the Bright & Funky Tutu Dress I crafted!

diy headband and tutu

Isn't is fun? It is colorful and cute and perfectly round! And really, it could not be easier to make!

Just gather your supplies. All you need for this craft is tulle, scissors, and a headband. You could use one color of tulle if you'd like a solid puff. I layered three so it would match the colors in the tutu dress.

Cut one piece of tulle about 6 inches long and set it aside. Grab the ends of the tulle and pinch them between your thumb and the inside of your pointer finger. Wrap the strands around your hand. (See pic one below.) The more you wrap, the more full your puff will be. Don't wrap too tight or else your puff will be too small, and you won't be able to get the loops off of your fingers! Carefully pull the tulle loops off your fingers. (Pic two.)

Lay the looped tulle on top of the strand of tulle you cut earlier. Lay the headband on top. (Check out pic three to see how this should look.) Tie the tulle strand around the bundle of tulle and the headband. (Pic four.) Now cut the loops on both sides of the tulle. You may have to do this in a few snips depending on how neat of a wrapper you were! Don't ask me why I know this. (Pic five.) Your puff is almost done. You will need to trim several strands to help shape it into the cute little sphere you're looking for.

diy headband and tutu

I also created a headband to match the Bright & Funky Knot Tutu. It is basically the same thing, just knotted at the ends.

diy tulle headband and tutu

To create this knotted headband, follow the tutorial above for the tulle puff. Wrap the tulle a bit looser (you'll want the tulle strands to be longer so you have the ability to knot the ends) and don't wrap it as many times. I may have done like two or three loops because I really wanted the tulle to look spiky.

Use different colors and combinations. Tie them to headbands or clips. Make all sorts of fun hair bits for your daughter!

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