DIY Shabby Headband

This contest is now closed. Congrats to Kristen M., winner of the headband and Alysia, winner of the frame! Both winners have been contacted.

diy shabby headband

As I sit on the couch and browse Pinterest each night after the bedtime routine is complete (let's be honest, I'm not the only one), I see some very obvious trends going around. Cats, upcycling, paleo, nutella on and in everything, colored skinny jeans, mustaches, and shabby.

Shabby flowers, shabby neckalaces, and amazing homemade shabby headbands. I scroll through and yell, "Hey! I could do that! Me and my glue gun, we can totally create something like that!"

So I did! Ladies (and gentlemen?), I present to you a gorgeous shabby headband made entirely out of our products!

Of course you can customize it with different colored flowers or headband, but the concept is still the same.

I used an ivory interchangeable lace headband, two large light pink shabby flowers, one lavender petite shabby flower, and a decorative rhinestone flower center. The headbands come in a variety pack of 12 headbands for $7.99, so you can actually make several headbands for well under $20! I have included links to each of the products at the bottom of this post.

Just a few quick steps, a minute or two of glue-drying time, and you have a gorgeous shabby creation of your very own!

diy headband

Want it? Of course you do! We also have this adorable glitter frame from a post a few weeks ago... it's just sitting here... all lonely. Want it? (Did you miss that post?)

diy decor

Just leave a comment below. One person will win the headband and one person will win the frame. We'll announce the winners next Thursday with our super fun Valentine's Day post.

-Interchangeable Lace Headbands-Large Solid Shabby Flowers

-Petite Shabby Flower

-Decorative Rhinestone Flower Center

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