DIY No Sew Pastel Ribbon Tie Tutu

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We are putting down our mug of cocoa and pretending there are beautiful Spring temperatures surrounding us. This simple no-sew ribbon tie tutu makes it seem a little warmer around here!

diy tutu

I whipped this beauty up yesterday and thought I'd share the simple tutorial with you.

Ribbon tie tutus are fabulous because they are quick, EASY, and you can make them any size you need.

This sweet pastel tutu is made to fit a 3-4 year old. The waist band is 21 inches, plus about a foot and a half on either side for the bow.

If you're making your tutu skirt for a different age, check out our waist size guide for our suggestions. In fact, go ahead and pin it because you're going to need it later!

diy tutu

I used 4 colors of tulle on this sweet pastel tutu. Pansy, rosette, mint, and maize. I attached one strand of each color, but two strands of the maize. I wanted the tutu to be mostly yellow with pops of the other colors. Now that I see it, I would probably do extra pink or choose a darker pink (paris pink) because the rosette sort of gets lost in the tutu.

You can create your tutu any length you like. I chose 11 inches for this one because it's short enough to still look really fluffy, but not uncomfortably short.

Now how do you make a no-sew ribbon tie tutu?

1. Gather your supplies: Tulle, ribbon, scissors, and a tape measure. I used a full roll of maize tulle, but only about half of each of the other colors. If you're doing a solid tutu, I'd suggest buying three rolls for a nice, full tutu.

2. Cut your ribbon to size. Use the chart above and add at least a foot or two to each side. I added 2 feet to each side and then trimmed the ribbon once I was done.

(Not Pictured) Cut your tulle to size. DOUBLE THE LENGTH! (For the 11" pieces, cut them about 22" long, etc.) I have found that a pattern of 5 strands repeats every inch. So in a 21 inch waist skirt, I'll use roughly 21 strands of each color. (Obviously I used 42 of the maize since I did two strands of that.)

3. Fold the tulle in half and hold it behind the ribbon. Begin about 2 feet into the ribbon to leave enough slack for the tie. Pull the ends of the tulle up and through the loop of tulle. Pull tight. The tighter you pull, the more strands of tulle you'll be able to fit on the ribbon. (I don't pull mine too tight.) See steps 3-5 below for the exact way to tie the tulle if that was unclear. Attaching one strip at a time, work your way around the ribbon.

easy diy tutu

It took me a about an hour to make this tutu. I hope this inspires you to create something fun for your daughter. This would look perfect in Easter photos paired with a petti tank top and some legwarmers!

WIN THIS TUTU: Leave a comment on this post if you have a 3-4 year old who would like to have this fun little tutu! We'll announce a winner next week.




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