DIY Mason Jar Tutu

DIY Tutu Mason Jar - A tulle embellished mason jar tutorial

We are excited to welcome back our photographer Allie to the blog for this adorable Mason Jar Tutu DIY! Allie calls her series of posts for us the "Hot Mess Household Blog - A blog dedicated to all of the "Hopeless Pinterest Fail" moms who really try hard, but always come up short in the final creation department!" We think she doesn't give herself enough credit since we absolutely love all the DIY's she's come up with for us and for our photo shoots, but we appreciate the inspiration for all the other "Pinterest Fail Moms" out there! 

I am so happy to be back and sharing another fun, easy, and simple DIY, that we can all do! I started this blog with no intentions of really doing more DIY projects. I always felt that crafting was fun and all, but I never really got into it. As the photographer over at The Hair Bow Company, I always just try to bring creativity to my photos. However, when I started seeing the finished products of my DIY adventures, I became determined to prove to each of you that you can also do the unthinkable! You too can DIY! For this blog I went with something simple that I could put into my daughter's room for her "special" items that she loves to keep safe and secure. ( Mainly special-to-her rocks, and her own baby hair! LOL! ) You can do any variation of colors, tulle, bows, paints, you name it on this project! These tulle embellished jars would be amazing for weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties, or even just for the kitchen table! Get creative, and lets DIY!


The Hair Bow Company Tulle of your choice (see Resources below)

Stretchy hair elastics, or even a skinny headband of your choice (see Resources below)


Mason Jar - Any Size



Foam Paint Brushes


1. Gather supplies

2. Clean the inside of your mason jar with alcohol, so that paint will stick to the inside. Let dry.

3. Make sure you have your painted mason jar completely dry, and repeat the painting process as needed.

DIY Tutu Mason Jar - Tulle embellished Mason Jar tutorial

4. When your jar is completed, it is time for your tutu! I used a THBC skinny headband, and doubled it. I cut out my strips of tulle into 7 inch pieces. just simply double the tulle and tie in a knot around the entire headband, until you have achieved your desired "fluff"!

5. Fluff your tutu, and place on your jar. Add anything for decoration that makes it your own style!

DIY Tutu Mason Jar - Tulle embellished Mason Jar tutorial


DIY Tutu Mason Jar - Tulle embellished Mason Jar tutorial


You can find the tulle for the DIY in a variety of colors and styles here at The Hair Bow Company!

Allie used some THBC headbands for extra embellishments on her jar, you can find our headbands here!

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