DIY Felt Christmas Tree

If you live in the land of toddlers, you know that traditional Christmas decorations aren't always practical. They are sparkly and shiny... which immediately draws their eye. They are often breakable or expensive or have small pieces. I know I'm limited to shelves and tall counters with many of my decorations. 

This cute craft is simple, adorable, and PERFECT for those enthusiastic little kids in your house!


I used some Styrofoam cones that I found in the floral section at Hobby Lobby. If your kids are a little older, you could always just make your own cone out of rolled cardstock. (Something light and hollow wouldn't last with the little kids though-- so pick something sturdy if you're in my shoes!)

I bought a yard of kelly green felt from the fabric department and colored sheets of felt in the craft department.

One option is to just roll the cone in green felt and fabric glue it at the ends. This makes for a really modern looking tree, and pretty darn cute.

I wanted to go a little further on one of my trees so I gave it some texture. I cut a long garland-like strand of green felt (a long strand of triangles) and wrapped it around, using fabric glue to attach it. I gradually made the triangles smaller as I got to the top. I love the look of this tree!

Cut circles or stars out of felt for the kids to use to decorate the tree. (Hint: if you scuff up the back of the felt ornaments, they'll cling to the tree a little better!)

And because we are obsessed with tulle, I made some tulle puff tree toppers and even wrapped a couple trees with tulle garland.

Don't have time for something like this? Cut a large green tree shape and attach it to your wall for a 2D version! The kids will enjoy decorating the tree over and over again.

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