DIY Clown Costume

This contest is over. Congrats to Amber!

We promised Halloween outfit ideas, and we will deliver. We heard so many positive comments about our peacock tutu last week, and several of you even wanted to buy one for yourself! Did you see the tutorial? It's a piece of cake! We have full confidence that you can pull it off.

This Halloween costume is absolutely adorable as well! Even though we love lace and fluff around here, we know that not all girls want to be princesses. So we bring you... a clown!

diy clown tutu

I wish we had a little girl in our office at all times to model these things for us, but you'll just have to use your imagination!

We made a basic ribbon tie tutorial (link to the tutorial here) and used tulle in all of the colors of our Rainbow Polka Dot Legwarmers. Pink, red, green, turquoise, and yellow. I also decided to do a white strand after every two colors. Here is the waist size guide in case you need some help with measurements.

diy tutu waist size chart

The shirt was made with a plain white t-shirt and three coordinating petti flowers hot glued to look like buttons.

The bow was made with a shocking pink oversized bow, 7/8 turquoise ribbon, 3/8 yellow ribbon, and a green petti flower. It was then clipped on to a turquoise wrapped hard headband. We went a little crazy with this, but thought that a clown deserved a crazy hair piece!

All of these pieces can be made on your own with items from our website. The only thing you'll need to buy elsewhere is a white t-shirt.

diy clown tutu

As usual, we'd like to give this away. The top is an 18 month, but the tutu should fit up to a 3-4 year old. If your daughter is older than 18 months, you can remove the petti flowers and attach them to a new top that fits her. Just leave a comment to enter.

-7/8" ribbon
-Oversized Bow
-Wrapped Hard Headband

-Petti Flowers

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