DIY 4th of July Tutu

One of our photographers had some inspiration for a July of July photoshoot and presented us with the idea. We decided a homemade tutu would be the perfect accessory for the shoot.

diy tutu

We love how fluffy this tutu turned out! It is three layers of 9" tulle attached to a 1.5" crochet headband. The perfect fit for a baby!

diy tutu

To make this exact tutu, all you need is a white 1.5" crochet headband, two spools of white tulle, one spool of red tulle, and one spool of blue tulle. You could easily get away with just one spool of each color, but we wanted the majority of the tutu to be white.

We have done a DIY tutu tutorial in the past, so you can visit that post for more clarity. (HERE.) This post is to show you the possibilities when you play around with multiple colors and layers.

We always recommend that you use the hole in the second row of the headband for your first layer. This means that you'll basically be looping the folded tulle around the square on the first row. Again, visit our previous post for photos of this step. I chose to be fairly random with my colors. I did about 3 whites, then 2 red or blue. As you get to the second and third layer, you can do more or less of a color to make it look how you want it to look.

diy tutu

I did the second and third layer of this tutu slightly different than the other one. I used the square immediately above the one I'd just used, instead of alternating. Hopefully the photo below helps. You can really do it however you'd like (you won't be able to see a difference), but this was easier for me.

diy tutu

The tutu looked great after two layers, but I wanted it to be extra fluffy. Why? So that we could get an adorable photo like this!

diy 4th of july tutu

LOVE the look! We crafted the headband out of a satin elastic, a nagorie feather pad, a few shabby flowers, and a decorative rhinestone center. Links to everything you need to create this look are below.

-1.5" Crochet Headband

-Satin Elastic Headband
-Nagorie Feather Pad
-Shabby Flowers

-Decorative Rhinestone Center

Thanks to Anne for the photo!!

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