Darling Flower Girl Tutu Dress DIY Tutorial

A Dusty Rose, Coral, and Ivory DIY Flower Girl Tutu Dress Tutorial.

We are so excited to welcome back tutu maker Nicole Weldon from The Local Hummingbird for this Flower Girl Tutu Dress tutorial! We would also like to thank Shawna Pearce Photography for the beautiful model photo. (If you haven't checked out the Peacock Tutu Dress Tutorial that Nicole created for us earlier this year, go check it out too!) It's spring and that means wedding season, so a Flower Girl tutu dress DIY seemed like a natural choice. For this special project we actually have tutu dresses for 2 little flower girls! We have multiple sizes of tutu tops for toddlers and babies to make crafting easy - no need to cut and stitch! Of course you can make as many dresses as you need and adjust the sizes and colors for your project! These Ivory and Dusty Rose Flower Girl Tutu Dresses will be perfect for a spring wedding! 

All supplies are from The Hair Bow Company and all crafting expertise is courtesy of The Local Hummingbird. 


Lined crochet Tutu Tops in Ivory


Dusty Rose



Assorted Crafting Flowers from The Hair Bow Company


Hot glue gun, Metal hair clip, and felt


Cutting Your Tulle Strips

You will need different lengths of tulle for each different layer of the skirt. As with most of our tutu dress tutorials, each tulle strip will be folded in half, so the strips will need to be double the length you want for the final skirt. (The shortest layer of the skirt is 9" so you would cute your strips for that layer 18") 

Cutting tulle strips for a DIY Flower Girl Tutu Dress.

Final Skirt Layers:

The 4 skirt layers are 12", 10.5", 8.5", and 6.5" for the 3t gown.

The 4 skirt layers are 10", 8.5", 7", and 5.5" for the 18m gown.

Cut Your Tulle to these Lengths:

You will need to cut the strips for these layers to 24", 21", 17" and 13" for the 3t gown.

You will need to cut the strips for these layers to 20", 17", 14" and 11" for the 18m gown.

Creating the Tutu Dress:

We started by making the 3t sized gown. 

1.  Place lined top down with the seam facing upward (towards creator)

2. Begin weaving the 24" strips starting at the seam and doing every other box.

3. Once bottom row is completes begin the second row using the "brick lay" appereance to fill in the holes from the bottom layer. Use strip size 21"

4. Continue each row using the brick lay appereance with the 3rd and 4th row (top) weaving the 17" and 13" strips.

Adding tulle strips to a crochet top to make a tutu dress.

Adding the Sash:

1. Cut three strips at 108" long (each, 3 yards).

2. Then pull three ends together and knot along with the other end. Now bothe ends are knotted together and the three strips are secured together.

3. Weave one end of the strips into a box going vertically and begin to wrap the sash around the waist. (You want to make sure that the tulle stays flat and smooth for a cleaner finished look).

4. Wrap around (as many times as needed) and then tuck in the knot so that it waeves into the top and can not be exposed. (this is where your top layer will cover the knots).

Adding a sash to a DIY flower girl tutu dress.

Adding the Flowers:

1. Warm up your hot glue gun

2. Hot glue the flowers arranged how you desire onto the felt. I personally choice to add the largest dazzle onto the hip to really POP... but its creators choice.

3. Once dry; flip over the flowers and cut snug around the flowers so that the felt can hide when the flowers are facing you.

4. Cut a small strip of felt and place in between the metal hair clip. Then hot glue the felt strip into place (make sure your hair clip can still open so that you can attach to sash).

5. Once dry attach to sash where you would like.

6. Then I added two small flowers that fall downward from the flower bunch. I hot glued them directly onto a single strip of tulle.

 I would suggest to hold tulle in hand while doing this so that the tulle below does not get stuck to the glue (it will create a bunched up mess). Watch carefully for your hands as you do not want to burn yourself. Place something in between if needed.

Adding flower embellishments to a DIY Flower Girl Tutu Dress.

Repeat these steps to make your second gown. (Adjust the sizing of your tulle strips and your tutu top for your desired size.) 

Make sure to finish off your flower girl style with one of our headbands for girls. We have a huge selection so you don't have to DIY everything! 

All supplies are available here at The Hair Bow Company

Crafting by The Local Hummingbird

Model Photography by Shawna Pearce Photography

All crafting process photos by The Local Hummingbird

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