Cute Bunny Costume Tutorial

This tutorial is so darn cute, you're going to want your daughter to dress like a bunny every day!

diy bunny costume

Supplies Needed:

Petti Tank Top (light pink)

Pettiskirt (light pink with white trim)

Pink and White Stripe Legwarmers

White Hard headband

White Marabou Puff

White Felt

Pink Fabric



This costume is perfect for the busy mom. There is only one piece to make, the rest of it comes together perfectly!

We have created a template to help you make the ears. The link is at the end of the post with all of the other information you may need. Print the template and cut out the pieces. Trace those pieces on to your felt and cut them out. You'll need 4 big white ears and 2 small pink ears.

diy bunny costume  diy bunny costume

Once you have all of the pieces cut out, arrange the pink ears on top of two of the white ears. Glue them down to create the front of the ears.

diy bunny costume

Take the small ear template (the one you traced on to the pink fabric) and glue it between two white ears, careful not to glue the bottom tabs together. Gluing this piece in the middle will help your ears stand up straight. If you can use cardstock instead of regular paper, that would be even better! Be sure to use one front ear piece and one back ear piece to create each ear.

diy bunny costume

See the bottom part of the ears where those tabs are? Wrap those tabs around your headband and glue them into place. You can use our completed photo above and below to show you a good placement for the ears on the headband. Feel free to shift them around if you'd like, but we liked this placement the best!

diy bunny costume

Once you have both ears glued to your headband, you're basically done. The only step remaining is to attach your fluffy tail. Since we're using a white marabou puff, it's just a matter of clipping it to the back of the pettiskirt.

diy bunny costume  diy bunny costume

And just like that, you've created the sweetest little bunny costume on the face of the planet!!

diy bunny costume  diy bunny costume

-Petti Tank Top

-Petti Skirt


-White Headband

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