Creative Gift Wrap!

Here is our last installment of creative gift wrap ideas! If you missed our first two, the links can be found below.

-Creative Christmas Gift Wrap

-Cute Christmas Gift Bags

This is for a big box, since so many of those fun kid gifts are larger than a shirt box!

creative gift wrap

Again, I purchased all of our gift wrap for Hobby Lobby. They have a fun selection and great prices. This was an especially cute paper that works well for kiddo gifts.

Gather your necessities. The gift, 1.5" grosgrain ribbon, scissors, and your bow or clip of choice.

If you'd like a really simple look that is still adorable, just tie the ribbon around the package. The grosgrain ribbon adds texture and makes the gift look adorable!

creative gift wrap

If you'd like to add a little extra, continue wrapping the ribbon around both ends and either knot it, or tape the ends down.

creative gift wrap

I first used an Oversized Hair Bow on the top. I love the way the texture of the ribbon matches the texture of the bow.


Then I tried it with a Curly Ostrich Puff. I think the feathers make it really fun and unique!


If you're wrapping a gift for an older girl or an adult, this one may be more your style. This uses one of our gorgeous Feather Petal Flower Clips.

creative gift wrap

All you need is the gift, some 7/8" grosgrain ribbon, a pair of scissors, and the flower clip. Wrap a piece of ribbon around your gift about 2" from the edge. Tightly tape the ends down on the back. Repeat going the opposite direction. Your gift should look like this.

creative gift wrap

All you need is the finishing touch! Just clip your flower where the two ribbons meet. Beautiful!


Have fun with this and please share your photos with us!



-Oversized Hair Bow

-Curly Ostrich Puff

-Feather Petal Flower Clip

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