Creative Christmas Gift Wrap

3The holiday seasons are upon us and soon you'll be frantically shopping, wrapping, and nestling an abundance of gifts under your tree. Beautifully wrapped packages make your display even more special.

We have a few posts coming up to help you create beautifully wrapped Christmas gifts. And the bonus? The bows and flowers on the bags become part of the gift!

Let's get started. Gather your supplies: your gift, ribbon, whatever flower or bow you're using, tape, and scissors.

creative gift wrap

I already wrapped our gift since that step seems pretty obvious! Just choose a paper that you like. All of the wrapping paper we will be featuring was purchased at Hobby Lobby. I opted to use beautiful solid grosgrain ribbon on our packages. It is available on our site in 5 yard spools for anywhere from $0.69 to $1.69 depending on the size. I like the texture it brings to the package.

Tightly wrap the ribbon around your package and secure it in place with a piece of tape. Do this again, making sure to keep the two pieces of ribbon parallel. Repeat going the other direction.

creative gift wrap creative gift wrap

 Looking cute, huh? Now just add whatever details you'd like. I tried two options with our Christmas Tree Clippie and one option with a bundle of Shabby Flowers.

creative gift wrap creative gift wrap

creative gift wrap

I will note that I attached the Shabby Flowers directly to the package. I recommend attaching them to alligator or snap clips instead. Then you can clip them onto your ribbon and they will still be usable!

How about another? Sure!

creative gift wrap

I chose a pretty busy pattern on this gift so I opted for a cleaner ribbon and bow. I did a simple tie on this one. Just wrap your ribbon down around your package, twist it 90 degrees, and then wrap it back up the other way. Tie it at the top.

creative gift wrap

Since the ends of the ribbon will be seen, I think it's a nice touch to cut them into a pretty shape. Choose how long you want the ribbon to be and fold it in half. Cut at an angle with the short end at the fold. Pretty!

creative gift wrap creative gift wrap creative gift wrap

It looks nice just like that, but if you'd like to add a bow, I support that decision too! I first chose the Classic Oversized Grosgrain Hair Bow. These are our newest bows and are FLYING off the shelves. We offer them with an alligator clip or french clip. I think the alligator clip works best for this.

creative gift wrap 

So cute! If you're crazy about patterns, you can do this same look with the Christmas Korker!

creative gift wrap

How fun is it to wrap all of your gifts with fun hair accessories?! We have several more ideas for you in the coming weeks including a few gift bag options, a large gift, and a grown up gift!

A great option for smaller gift, just place baby headbands, like a crochet headband, around the gift. It's an embellishment that doubles as part of the gift! 


-Grosgrain Ribbon

-Christmas Tree Clippie

-Classic Oversized Grosgrain Hair Bow

-Christmas Korker Hair Bow

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