Crafting a Floral Crown

diy floral crown

Our extremely talented photographer, Anne Schillings, brings us today's gorgeous tutorial! She is always up on the trends since she specializes in senior photography. Those girls know how to rock a photoshoot!

You can find floral crowns in boutiques for around $60. What if I told you I have an ELEVEN dollar solution?!

Friends, meet our Vintage Blossom Flower Clips. These beautiful flowers are often used on flower girl dresses, in gorgeous updos, and now on this crown. (If you missed it, last summer Anne photographed a wedding and the bridesmaids wore this flower!) The best part? THEY ARE A DOLLAR. One dollar.

So dig through the couch cushions for some pennies and create this gorgeous floral crown. You'll need 10 flower clips and one satin elastic headband.

What a perfect accessory for senior photos. Floral crowns are also used for weddings, tea parties, and I'm sure your little sweetie would love it for play time!

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