Cowgirl Tutu

Thanks to Cari for doing this adorable cowgirl tutu tutorial for us!

When we were kids, I remember my mom always making our Halloween costumes and I mean extravagant with paper mache & year we were Care-bears, one year a unicorn. While I am no expert crafter, I have been seeing a lot of these no sew tutus floating around and thought it cant be too hard.

So when I was contacted by The Hair Bow Company to do a no-sew tutu tutorial on my blog, I jumped at the chance, since I already planned on making one for my daughter`s costume this year. Costumes are extremely expensive so if I can save money and make it you bet I am going to even if it is far from perfect! But this year...super easy and even better I already have all of the stuff for it!

So lets get to it...

  1. gather all your supplies. Tulle (in your choice of colors), grosgrain ribbon (in your choice of color) and scissors- I used Dusty Rose pink and Brown tulle and Light pink grosgrain ribbon
  2. Cut ribbon to size- (I just measured it directly on my daughter, I tied it at how long I wanted to bow to be in the front and marked the ribbon where to stop the tulle) The Hair Bow Company has a measurement chart (here) if you want to use that
  3. Cut length of the tulle make sure you double that. (with my daughter being so little I only wanted the tutu to be 8in or so, I cut 16.5in for each piece of tulle)
  4. Fold ribbon in half- this is your starting point
  5. Fold Tulle in half - I used 2 piece of Tulle you can use more if you want it more fluffy. I also used solid colors you can mix the colors if you would like
  6. Tie into knot around ribbon (see below)

NOTE- I also tied my tulle extra tight to make it more fluffy

diy cowgirl tutu

I hope that these directions are simple to follow- please let me know if you have any questions. Also if you are looking for supplies check out all the colors The Hair Bow Company carries!!!

Here is the final product...I will post another (better) picture on my blog (here) once I get her whole costume together.

diy cowgirl tutu



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