Colorful Teen Tutus

This contest is now closed. Congrats to Melanie!

We aren't new to tutus around here. We have been carrying solids, two tones, and animal prints for years! Then we introduced these sweet little things.

baby tutu

Baby tutus. I know. Adorable.

But there is this trend going around where teens and adults are wearing tutus. They are taking fun photos in bright colored tutus. They are wearing them in fun runs. They are playing tea party with their daughter. So naturally women kept asking us, "What about us? When will you have tutus that fit us?"

Now! These tutus are sized for teens but will fit up to about a size 8-10 in women. Perfect for that fun run you're planning with your girlfriends! Or like these girls, they are perfect for a fun senior photoshoot with all your friends before you head off to college!

girl and teen tutu

Tell us what you think. Are you on board with the new tutu trend? Leave us a comment with your thoughts and tell us what colors you'd like to have. We will draw a winner next Thursday to win TWO of these fabulous new tutus!

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