Cinderella Tutu Dress

I have to be honest with you, friends. I made this dress last year before the new Cinderella movie came out. I thought it was a sweet dress and I was going to post it, and then you guys bought every single light blue tutu top we had so you could create dresses that looked like a certain queen who has ice powers...

So I held on to the dress.

I held on to it for so long that I have misplaced the tutorial photos. My apologies.

diy cinderella tutu dress

All you need for this dress is a light blue crochet headband, sky blue tulle, white tulle for the accents, and pearl embellishments. I also used a black satin elastic headband for her necklace.

For step by step instructions, check out the ball gown tutorial.

If you'd like to see what other tutorials we have done in the past, please visit our Costume Making Guide! And you are always welcome to email me directly at if you have any questions while crafting! I'm happy to help!

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