Bright and Funky Knotted Tutu

Did you catch last week's Bright & Funky Tutu Dress? I made that dress and fell in love with the fun color combinations so I decided to make a coordinating tutu!

diy tutu

I love the way it turned out. She was so adorable with all those bright spikes coming out of the tutu!

This is a super simple tutu to create, and it leaves quite an impression.


1.5" crochet headband



Crochet hook

Measuring tape

Box lid

Or get our Tutu Making Kit that includes instructions, a crochet hook, a tape measure, a pen, and a note pad.

The photo steps are stolen from the tutu dress tutorial because the basic tutu-making steps are essentially the same thing. Instead of a 6" crochet headband as a tube top, you'll use a 1.5" crochet headband as a waistband.

diy tutu steps

Step 1: Wrap your tulle around something that measures as wide as the LENGTH of your tutu. In my case, I found a lid that was about 9" wide since I wanted my tutu to be about 9-10" long. Wrap wrap wrap. Then cut ONE end. This will give you strips of tulle that are twice the length of your tutu... and that is EXACTLY what you need.

Step 2: Find a hole on the second row from the bottom and stick your crochet hook in through the back. The idea is to loop the tulle around a square, not the thin line of elastic at the bottom.

Step 3: Fold a strip of tulle in half and grab it with your crochet hook.

Step 4: Pull it through.

Step 5: Pull the ends of the tulle down and through the tulle loop. Tighten it.

TA DA! Now just repeat those steps over and over until you go all the way around the dress. If you'd like to do a second layer (and you totally should), just go up one row and do the same thing.

"But why should I do an extra layer??" Glad you asked. This is why.

diy knotted tutu

Makes quite a difference. Now just knot the bottoms of each strip. Don't overthink it... it's just a knot. Over and over until your fingers hurt. And then more.

I hope you love this funky tutu! Next week I'll show you how to do the coordinating tulle puff headband and the knot puff headband that the twins were wearing. 

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