Bridal Shower Decor

Because I believe tulle can be used anywhere and everywhere, here is a little peek into a bridal shower I hosted. The bride's theme was burlap and lace, which lends itself nicely to a bit of soft, delicate tulle.

The tables were covered with simple white tablecloths and then layered with burlap table runners. I used clear glass plates (though solid white or cream would have worked nicely) and pops of light pink around the table.

diy bridal shower decor

The "E & P" are homemade using canvases, burlap, lace, and painted letters from a craft store.

I draped our Valentine's Day garland along the table under it since it is made of pink fabric, light pink tulle, and burlap strips. For the most part, I stuck with light pink as the color pop, but I thought the garland was too cute to ignore. The bit of hot pink actually looked pretty good.

The silverware was wrapped with light pink paper napkins and then secured with some cheap fake "diamond ring" napkin rings. A bit of lace was wrapped around mason jars for water glasses.

Light pink tulle was delicately placed into centerpieces or spread around tables to add some soft color.

You can see the tutorial for the party favors here. We made some salt seasoning and some bath salts and each guest got to choose what they'd like.

No matter what your theme is, tulle can help decorate. I have used it at birthday parties, baby showers, bridal showers, Halloween parties, and Christmas parties. At $2.69 per roll, it gives you so much bang for your decorating buck! 

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