Beautiful Upcycled Nutcrackers

We loved the idea of a Nutcracker inspired Christmas photoshoot. The whites, pinks, and reds created a beautiful and festive space!

diy holiday decor

The problem is that most nutcrackers don't come in light pink, glittery clothes! They are navy or green or black. Not really our style, you know? I did see a few pink ones available but they were two or three times the price. No thank you!

I grabbed a cheap pack of mini nutcrackers at a local craft store. You could probably find some at a thrift shop or, heck, probably even in your attic! The only other thing you need for this craft is pink paint.

simple holiday decor

Grab your paint and a small brush. I used a strip of tulle to give the little man a ponytail and keep that fuzzy hair out of the way while I painted. Then I just painted over all the colors that I didn't like. I kept some of the red parts since that went with our theme, but painted over just about all of the other clothing.

After they dried a bit, I took them outside and sprayed them with clear glitter spray paint, because why not?!

I think the result is sweet and fun. There is no question that these are Christmas decorations, yet they aren't bold colors that don't fit our taste. Don't be scared to get out a little spray paint or acrylic paint this season and create something you truly love!

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