Beautiful Tutu Party

Once upon a time (okay... last month) we got these wonderful new Tutu Making Kits. This product came from the countless questions we hear from you on a regular basis. Where can I get a crochet hook? Can I print this tutorial? I don't want to stare at my computer while I'm making this. Can you put all the instructions for all the dresses in one simple spot? Do I have to measure everything? 

beautiful tutu party

We asked around to see if you'd be interested in something like this and the answer was a resounding YES! Thank you so much for your enthusiasm... and for actually buying them now that they are here. You're the best.

I wanted to put these kits to the test. What if I throw a bunch of moms in a room with some supplies and Tutu Making Kits and tell them to create a dress for their daughter's Halloween costume. Could they do it? And so started the planning for a fabulous Mom's Night Out Tutu Making Party.

OF COURSE it had to be cute. We've been to enough construction site and Frozen themed parties to know that food presentation makes us a little giddy. I filled the table with pink, red, and white food. I used white platters and clear bowls (nothing fancy, check your dollar store!) so that the food could really stand out.

a collage of food

The food included:
-Fruit and angel food cake kebabs. You probably can't tell from the pictures but I let the kebab skewers soak in water that I had dyed with red food coloring. After about a 7 hour bath, the skewers were a beautiful light pink.
-Madeleines dipped in white chocolate (tinted light pink) and sprinkled with mini chocolate chips. The madeleines were store-bought from Target and I swear I could eat the entire package in one sitting!
-Stacked brownie cakes. I've seen this done with cakes but I like brownies more, so that's what I went with. I used a boxed mix (I'm lazy) and made a pan of brownies. After they were completely cool, I used a circle pastry cutter (or cookie cutter) to make a bunch of circles. I tinted some vanilla frosting light pink and made some cute sandwiches, topped it with vanilla frosting (untinted), and then added some pink sugar sprinkles.
-Marshmallows dipped in white chocolate (tinted light pink) and then sprinkled with pink sugar sprinkles. The addition of the pink cupcake liner was SUPPOSED to make them look like little ballerinas, but I'm not sure that comes across in these pics!
-A bowl of pastel M&Ms because of course.
-Pink wafer cookies. These come premade. They are usually strawberry flavored, beautiful, and quite tasty.
-Strawberry pudding with whipped cream topping. If you have a hard time finding strawberry, just get vanilla and tint it.
-Strawberry mini marshmallows. These just looked so cute in the vase!

simple pink cocktail

It's not a true Mom's Night Out without a cocktail. That's not just me, right?

I wanted something cute and sweet. This Meet Me at the Barre drink was simple and very refreshing. Just add one part whipped cream flavored vodka to two parts raspberry lemonade. (You could really use any flavor of pink lemonade.) Then add some whipped cream and a strawberry garnish. I realize now that a raspberry would have made a more appropriate garnish. Oops.

The decor included:
-We reused our tulle lights from last Christmas because they are stunning. If you want to replicate this, buy a strand of Christmas lights and tie 6" strands of light pink tulle to it... over and over and over. It takes forever but it is so worth it!
-Tulle tassles. We will highlight this in a separate post sometime. I made mini tassles for above the bar and bigger tassles for the front of the table.
-I gave our wine glasses tutus. Because the stem of a wine glass is so thin, you'll need to wrap in around a couple times so it has enough fluff. I made this like our Ribbon Tie Tutus, but I used a strand of tulle instead of the ribbon so it would blend in.
-I found little wooden food skewers (for the strawberry garnish) and dipped them in acrylic paint. First in white, then in pink.
-The jar holding the marshmallow ballerinas is simply stuffed with tulle. It gives them some support but blends in with the rest of the table.
-I also hung our Tutu Heart on the front door. It didn't make it into any pictures but it's worth a mention.

It wasn't all food and drink! Each attendee RSVPed with their wish list for what costume they wanted to make. I brought each mom a bag with their supplies and included a Tutu Making Kit. I gave a very brief introduction and told them to get started.

It was a ton of fun! We chit chatted, snacked, and crafted. And the best part is that each mom got to go home with a fabulous costume for her daughter.

This is a perfect event to plan right now as we are approaching Halloween. Crafting with friends is a million times better than crafting on your living room floor while the kids are napping. If you're reading this post and it's no longer Halloween season, you can still create this party and use the costumes for dress up!

The decor in this party is perfect for a ballerina themed birthday party. Order some solid tutus and give each girl a tutu on her way into the party. They'd be in love!

Most importantly, have fun!! If you have any questions about this or any tutu making issues, you're welcome to email me directly at ruffles(at) (remove parenthesis). And be sure to check out our Costume Making Guide for tons of free tutorials!

Your guests for this Mom's Night Out tutu party are definitely going to need their own tutus to wear! The Hair Bow Company carries a variety of tutus in adult sizes, including a plus size tutu skirt for women!

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