Baked Cronuts

Cronuts. You've heard of them, right? They are donuts, but made with insanely delicious croissant dough. So yeah, amazing.

The thing is... the whole fried-buttery-dough thing just isn't going to work on my waist line. And if we're totally honest, frying things is just too much work. The splatters, the vats of oil, the lingering smell of oil in my house for days.

easy baked cronuts

I'm not going to pretend that these baked cronuts are actually GOOD for you. But they are BETTER for you. And that's a win, yes? And they would make a fabulous breakfast for a house guest or a husband that needs some extra spoiling.

homemade cronuts

Baked Cronuts


a can or two of cresent rolls



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