Back to School Wreath

I am the queen of easy tulle crafts. A roll of tulle is inexpensive and comes with 25 yards of crafting goodness, so I feel less pressure when I craft with tulle. If I mess up, that's okay! There are also no straight lines to draw or cut, I don't have to thread a bobbin, and nobody can tell when I make a small mistake. Plus, there are SO MANY COLORS. It's the perfect crafting item!

Allllllllll that to say that I came up with a simple tulle wreath for back-to-school.

My "supplies" picture shows a box of crayons and I clearly did not use any crayons in this craft. I thought I might glue a few to the wreath as embellishments but I liked it with just the tulle puffs. All you really need is a wreath, tulle, and scissors.

Use any color combination of tulle you'd like. I used the basic colors of the rainbow. You could just use the primary colors and make all of your tulle puffs blue. Or you can do pastels for Spring! Or... literally any other color combination you can dream up.

Wrap the wreath with tulle. This is your friendly reminder that tulle is see-through, so you can't just do one layer. You can see in the picture that I wrapped and wrapped and wrapped. It took almost a full spool to cover my wreath. When you get to the end, just knot the tulle and tuck the end into a spot in the back.

To make the little tulle puffs just grab the end of tulle in one hand. (Look at the picture.) Wrap it around your fingers - not too loose, not too tight. I wrapped mine eight times. I wish I had done it about ten times because I think it would make a better puff.

Carefully slide the tulle off your fingers and tie it with another piece of tulle. I used yellow tulle to tie my tulle puff and hang them on my wreath. Cut the loops of the tulle and TA-DA! You have a puff. You will probably need to shape it a bit with your fingers and trim it up a bit.

Repeat with the green and blue. Be careful with the spacing along the yellow tulle so it looks nice.

Once the tulle puffs are done, tie the yellow strand on to the wreath. Do this however you'd like. I liked mine tilted, but you can do it however you want.

This would be great on your front door in August or a sweet gift for your child's teacher.

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