Baby Shower Crafting

baby shower activity

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I'm constantly blown away by the creative baby shower activities that people come up with. Gone are the days of melted chocolate bars in diapers. There is a new generation of party planners out there, and they are full of fresh ideas.

Obviously as an accessory company, this one is close to our heart!

We have this lovely customer who now takes amazing photos for us. (Check her out!) Every now and then she will email me with a fabulous idea using our products. Lucky for us, one of her BFFs is pregnant with a baby girl and she came up with this fun idea to do a "build your own hair accessory" game at her baby shower.

She gathered a variety of headbands (variety packs work great for this!), alligator clips, crafting flowers, flower clips, decorative rhinestones, feathers, and craft glue. Her guests were encouraged to create a clip or headband for future Baby Girl Lucas.

What a fun idea, right?

She bought coordinating containers and lined them up on a long table. Each container is labeled with one of the following categories: Satin Elastic Headbands, Lace Headbands, Crochet Headbands, Skinny Headbands, Alligator Clips, Crafting Flowers, Rhinestones, Feathers, and Other.

baby shower activity

At the end of the table she included tags to attach to the hair piece so that the mommy-to-be knew who created each masterpiece. And because she is so lovely, she left a stack of our business card on the table too!

This is such a great way to start a baby's bow collection! And I absolutely love that every piece was handmade by one of mama's closest friends.

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