ANOTHER Princess Tutu Dress Costume

Every little girl goes through a princess phase and the best time to feed that obsession is during Halloween. For that reason, we are bringing you yet another princess costume tutorial.

Just like the last one, this is a simple tutorial using a premade tutu dress as a base. You can buy one on our site or you could make your own basic dress using the Tinkerbell tutorial from last week.

diy tutu dress

Supplies Needed:
Tutu dress

Tulle in coordinating colors

A large coordinating crafting flower



Hot glue or fabric glue

You are going to love how easy this is! It is only a couple simple steps.

First, measure out your tulle. You can purchase spools of coordinating tulle, or you could carefully detach (unloop) a couple strands from the skirt. That's what we did! We untied a strand of tulle in each of the colors to use as the halter strap.

Lay all the strands on top of each other and then twist them. (You could braid them or leave them be, it just depends on how you'd like your strap to look.)

diy tutu dress

Fold the twisted tulle in half and locate one of the top/middle holes on the tutu dress. Push the folded end of tulle through that hole and pull it through a few inches.

diy tutu dress

Now stick the ends of the tulle through the loop and pull through, basically creating a knot. If you are like us, you have probably messed up the beautiful twist you made and you'll need to fix it. You can always rubber band the two ends together so that they don't come undone.

diy tutu dress

Now to embellish the dress. You can do this however you'd like. We opted for one large flower in the center. You can do some along the waistline, a few along the top, or keep it simple with one statement flower.

Put a generous dot of glue on the back of the flower.

diy tutu dress

Slap it right on to the front of the dress. Or place it gently in the correct spot. Do whatever is more fun for you!

diy tutu dress

Once that dries, your dress is ready. When she puts the dress on, you'll just tie the halter around her neck, retwisting the tulle if needed. Pair it with a fabulous tiara and a wand, and she's set!

diy tutu dress

-Tutu dress

-Crafting flowers

-Feather and sequin rose




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