All American Superhero

I think that superhero costumes are my favorite dresses to make. They always have fun color combinations, I can vary from the original costume as much as I want, and the models' eyes always light up when they see them. Girls love to dress up like princesses, yes. But girls feel strong and fierce when you tell them they are a superhero. I love that! This one is perfect to double as a cute Halloween costume & even as adorable 4th of july outfits!

This is a very simple dress. It's a basic tutu dress (see full tutorial here) with a braided tulle belt.

diy superhero tutu dress

I glued a shabby star to a felt circle and then attached that to an alligator clip. It was a cute clip to hold the belt in place. (I discretely safety pinned the rest of the belt around the waist of the dress to hold it up.)

The shield is just made of red, white, and blue felt glued to a paper plate. I hot glued a satin elastic headband to the back of the plate so she would have a simple way to slip her arm in the shield.

This fun costume came together pretty quickly and I had so much fun making it. You can always add a cape if you'd like... but not all superheros wear capes, so we were cool with skipping it for this one.

If you need any more ideas for costumes, visit our Costume Making Guide. For more ideas on fourth of July outfits, visit our Pinterest board!

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