Adorable Costume Roundup

diy halloween costume

Let's all breathe... and eat another Kit Kat. Halloween season is now over. For you, if you are a normal mom, you may have started thinking about Halloween around the beginning of October. Here at The Hair Bow Company, I have been preparing for Halloween for months! Doing research, crafting costumes, getting photos taken. It's been so much fun, but it has been LONG!!!

So to celebrate the end of this festive Halloween season, and to help you start pinning and brainstorming for next year, I have compiled the top 2015 costumes! The link to each of the tutorials is listed below. And if you want EVEN MORE costume ideas, you can always visit our Costume Making Guide to see some from previous years. 

Don't have time to make your own costumes? We totally get it! Be sure to check out our complete collection of Halloween outfits for girls & we carry costumes too! 

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