Activity Dice

Kids have so much energy. SO. MUCH. ENERGY.

It's cruel sometimes, isn't it?

But we can't change it. We just need to channel it! These activity dice are PERFECT for using up some of that adorable energy. And it's even better if we can come up with ways to use those growing brains too!

diy activity dice

Get 2-3 boxes. You can use anything you have around the house. We have tons of shipping boxes in our warehouse so we used a square USPS Priority shipping box. (I think they are totally free- I bet you could go to your local post office and ask them if you can take a couple.)

Spray paint it black. I'd suggest using a basic black spray paint and then doing a final coat with black chalkboard spray paint. It works best if you spray paint it while it is broken down. There are few sides to have to flip around.

Once it's covered and dry, tape or glue the box together. We used glue so there wouldn't be any tape showing. It's your call.

One one box, write an activity on each side. (Note: if you use chalk, you can reuse this and keep it fresh!) Examples: jump, skip, hop, roll, walk, stomp, spin, yell, whisper, talk, sing, etc.

On the second box, write a description. Examples: like a monkey, like a robot, without blinking, while clapping, like a snake, etc.

And if you have a third box, add numbers!

Each child will roll all two or three dice to see what their activity is.

Jump! Like a monkey! 3 Times!

If your child is too young to read, you'll either need to play with them or draw pictures to help.

Have fun and use up that energy!

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