A DIY Tulle Christmas!

I LOVE tulle crafts. Anytime I can incorporate tulle into a photo or party, I consider it a win. The colorful, sheer material always makes perfectly coordinated and oh-so-beautiful decorations.

I have a couple ideas here that you can use this holiday season... or hang on to them for your next party!

Tulle tree topper
Totally cute, huh? I created a small tulle puff using one of our old tutorials (found here) and then attached it to the top of the tree. You could even add more strips of long tulle to the top of the tree if you like the look of the tulle flowing down. Or what about making teeny tiny tulle puffs and using them as ornaments? Now that could be cute!

diy tree topper

Tutu Tree Skirt
This is so simple, we can't even call it a craft. Tree skirts are adorable. Tutus are adorable. Using a tutu as a tree skirt is OBVIOUSLY adorable!

tutu tree skirt

Tulle Lights
This is the best! Since we had a beautiful mantle to work with, we decided that a strand of tulle lights would be the perfect touch. Just cut your tulle into strips (whatever length you'd like, we did 6" strips) and tie them on to your strand of lights. Be sure to use indoor lights for safety! I used quite a bit of white and light pink tulle on our lights because I wanted it extra fluffy. If you can find lights with a white wire, that might work a bit better for you. We could only find green when we were looking, but it still turned out fabulous!

tulle light garland



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