A Ballerina Baby Shower

tutu party decor

I mentioned last week in the Tutu Heart Tutorial that the wreath was used in a baby shower I attended a few weeks ago. My mom and her friends hosted the shower and in preparation, they ordered about 20 light pink baby tutus from us. I was curious to see how they were going to incorporate these into the decor.

I must say, walking into the house, I felt like I had walked into someone's Pinterest board. They did a fabulous job. Unfortunately, we didn't get great pics.

They snapped a few with their cell phone and I'm posting them here for inspiration.

All of the centerpieces had tutus around them. Sitting on top of delicate white tablecloths, this was a perfect soft accent. 

They hung baby onesies on some light pink twine. Each onesie had a letter on the front and a tutu pinned around the waist. The onesies spelled the sweet baby girl's name. This will make a beautiful transition into her nursery.

Accessories for the baby girl are also great for pinning on the clothes line! Ask your guests to bring baby girl headbands, baby hair bows, and other accessories so she enters the world with a fully stocked bow & headband collection! Not sure where to find a baby boutique to shop at?  Hair Bow Company has a huge selection to choose from.

It was precious. I apologize for the lack of photos but I didn't want to skip this post. Baby tutus are very inexpensive but the look they provide is beautiful! They chose to do everything in light pink, but you could certainly do a mix of pinks, lavender, and white. Or really any other combination you can think of! This would be perfect for a ballerina birthday party too. Ohhh the possibilities!

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