7 Ways Your Daughter Can Express Herself Through Tutus

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7 Ways Your Daughter Can Express Herself Through Tutus


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The average American family spends $1,700 on clothes each year. Tutus are a great way for your daughter to have fun with fashion.

The United States apparel industry is worth over $12 billion. The tutu is making a comeback you'll want to be a part of.

With tutus, the possibilities are endless. Here are 7 ways you can wear tutus:

1. Tutus For Birthdays and Parties

A birthday party is the perfect time to wear a tutu, especially if it's your daughter's own birthday. Birthdays are days of celebration and tutus add to the festive atmosphere of a party. Nothing says "party time" quite like a tutu.

Tutus tend to have this princess vibe you can't shake. Adding a tiara or hair bow to a tutu outfit will make your daughter look even more like a princess. Every girl wants to feel like a princess on her birthday.

Truthfully, your daughter can wear a tutu at any party and still look festive. There's nothing like dancing in a tutu.

2. Halloween Costume

Tutus are easy to incorporate into Halloween costumes. A tutu is a dramatic piece of clothing that adds flare to any outfit. This is especially useful for costumes.

Your daughter can be whatever she wants to be on Halloween. The only limit is the imagination. Regardless of whether the costume is scary or non-scary, you can work a tutu into the mix and get amazing results.

Does your daughter feel like being a ballerina or a spooky clown on Halloween? A tutu works perfectly for both costumes.

If your daughter loves the idea of dressing up, she'll love this next idea:

3. Disney Princess Tutu

If your daughter likes Disney, she can dress up like a Disney princess with a tutu. A lot of Disney princesses have dramatic, puffy dresses. There are Disney tutu dresses that look just like those of the Disney princesses.

Who's your daughter's favorite Disney princess? There's a tutu outfit for every Disney princess out there. If you don't find one you like, you can create a Disney tutu dress of your own.

Don't limit your daughter to Disney princesses. If your daughter's got a soft spot for Disney villains, she could also wear a tutu to replicate the dress of a Disney villain.

4. Different Tutu Colors

Tutus for girls come in a variety of colors, not just pink. The color of your daughter's tutu will tell others about her.

The classic pink tutu will show off your daughter's feminine side. This tutu carries vibes of playfulness, tenderness, and cuteness. The color pink is also calming.

If your daughter wears a blue tutu, that tells others she is wise, loyal, and trustworthy. A blue tutu will make her seem more confident and intelligent.

Black tutus are associated with elegance, power, and formality. Your daughter should wear one if she's trying to make a strong impression on someone.

Wearing a white tutu gives off vibes of purity, innocence, and safety. White tutus are perfect for Christenings and weddings.


5. Superhero Tutu

Your daughter can dress up like a superhero with a tutu. Even if the superhero is originally a man, she can put her own spin on the character and wear a feminine version of his outfit.

There are tutu dresses available for all kinds of superheroes. You can even make your own with DIY superhero tutu dresses.

Let your daughter transform into Wonder Woman with a blue tutu. It'll be another interpretation of this inspiring character.

Research different superhero tutu dresses and see what you can come up with.

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6. Wear a Tutu With Leggings

If your daughter wants to get everyday use out of her tutu skirt, she can wear it with leggings.

A tutu transforms any outfit into something spectacular. Wearing one turns a mundane day into something more exciting.

You don't need an occasion or an excuse to wear a tutu with leggings. Why not feel like a princess while lounging around the house or running errands?

The tutu and leggings combination is also perfect for going out and about. People will see your daughter and assume she's doing something great if she's in a tutu.

If it's cold out, make sure your daughter wears flannel leggings for warmth. Speaking of the cold:

7. Wear a Tutu With a Sweater

Don't worry if it's cold out - your daughter can still wear a tutu. She'll just have to wear a sweater with it. It's not a last resort because the look is absolutely flawless.

The tutu and sweater match combines the whimsy of a tutu with the dependability, warmth, and chic style of a sweater.

Because the tutu is a statement piece, it goes well with less dramatic sweaters. For instance, a black sweater is a perfect match for a tutu, especially if it's pink.

Sure, your daughter can wear sweaters with dramatic styles and bold prints. It's not against the law. However, the outfit might be too much for others to handle.

It's her call.

Make sure the sweater is form-fitting and not too long. You don't want to hide that tutu from the world. A form-fitting sweater makes the tutu stand out more.

Your Daughter's Tutu Is Her Key To Happiness

Around 87% of youths believe clothes don't matter. Tutus make too big of a difference in your daughter's life to ignore. This isn't any ordinary piece of clothing we're talking about.

This is a statement piece of clothing that transforms entire outfits.

Around 60% of teens admit they wear certain labels not because they liked them, but because they saw these brands in the media. Your daughter will be starting her own trend with tutus.

Give your daughter a gift that keeps on giving and shop for tutus now. It's the best fashion investment you'll ever make.

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