Simple Ways to Use Hair Bows in Your Little Girl's Hair

Simple Ways to Use Hair Bows in Your Little Girl's Hair

Posted by The Hair Bow Company on Jul 27th 2018

Simple Ways to Use Hair Bows in Your or Your Little Girl's Hair

Hair bows are trending right now and it's hard not to be enchanted with this sweet look. Here are a few simple ways you can wear hair bows in your or your little girl's hair.

We're living in a culture where women and girls are finding strength and beauty in their femininity, and what better way to showcase this than by using fashion and our own personal style to do so!

Hair bows have always been a symbol of sweetness, child-like spirit and all things feminine. It makes sense that these bows have recently started trending again, as women become more and more empowered and secure in their identity.

This trend isn't just for our little girls, though there are many adorable ways to add bows into your daughter's hair. Women of Hollywood and other fashion influencers are showing us that hair bows for adults are a style that should and will be represented.

Want to know how you can hop aboard this sweet trend? Keep reading to find out a few simple ways you (and your little girl) can wear this feminine look.

Ponytail Hair Bows

Arguably the most simple style, a hair bow or bow-tied ribbon that rests on top of a ponytail is an age-old classic.

For a more chic and understated look, go for a simple and thin ribbon that adds just a hint of playfulness to your updo.

Long ribbon bows that hang down the sides of the ponytail can dress up what might otherwise be a half-hearted attempt at keeping the hair off your back.

The Headband Bow

Make it easy on yourself and try bow headbands made for girls. Want to keep those pesky strands from flying in your face? Sweep them back with hair bow headbands for a delicate and sweet look.

Try it on your little girl too!

The End of A Braid

This look is perfect for a casual and relaxed vibe. Whether you're running errands or picking your daughter up from school, the bow will bring a little bit of flair to an easygoing style.

Around a Bun

Looking for something more elegant and graceful? Go for this ballerina-inspired look! Just wrap a ribbon around your bun and tie it into a bow, or simply just clip one on!

It will be sure to add charm to a sophisticated hairstyle.

Oversized Bows

A popular fashion among young girls and babies, the oversized hair bow can look good on you and your daughter!

If you want big bows, Texas size bows are the way to go! Want to incorporate a look that brings back your spirit and childlike wonder? Oversized bows are the way to go.

More Ideas to Play With

It's not just little girls anymore who get to enjoy this sweet hair accessory, and even though all of those styles would look fabulous on your daughter, don't think that you can't incorporate them into your wardrobe as well.

Of course, bows aren't just for toddler girls and older girls, babies look adorable in petite sized baby bows! We also carry an entire line of baby girl clothes, boutique girls clothing and mommy & me to wear with those bows! 

Don't be afraid to play around with different styles and bow materials. This trend is all about exhibiting your womanly identity, so make it look like YOU!

If you want to find out more inspiration for this new bow centered movement, as well as DIY hair tutorials, visit our website at The Hair Bow Company! We can't wait to see you in your new hair bows!